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Chances are if you are alive right now (which, if you’re reading this, you should be) and you’re older than 10 years old, you probably have heard of the Harry Potter series. Slightly fewer people may know that the series was written by J.K. Rowling, but not by too much. However, it is safe to say that most people do not know that the author of such a famous and influential series started off as a “nobody” with many fences in her way and only pennies to her name, which is how many now famous authors often get their start.


Best selling novels are not written in a day and best selling authors do not start off as millionaires. Many hit rock bottom or are in uncomfortable financial situations as they work on the piece that sky rockets their career. How, then, do such novels and authors make a name for themselves? There are a few universally agreed upon factors that can better any aspiring writer’s chances at fame.


The number one way people can gear themselves up towards writing success is by… writing! Many authors time and time again have stressed the importance of daily, consistent writing. Some people believe just a few paragraphs are fine, while others insist on pages being written everyday. Regardless of the amount, if you are trying to make it big and get a book written, you should be working on it or

Best Seller: JK Rowling

The Harry Potter Series | Ultimate Best Seller

The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling is heralded as one of the best selling fantasy chronicles of all time. The adventures of Harry Potter and his friends revolve around a mythical world of magic, wizards, witches, and outlandish beasts. The first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, was published in the United Kingdom in 1997. It gained an enormous cult following, as many English locals were fascinated by the stories conjured by Rowling. As Rowling wrote more books, the series grew in popularity – a movie based on the first book premiered in 2001 and was critically acclaimed. It began a cultural phenomenon all over the world, as Harry Potter books, movies, and licensed merchandise began to hit the shelves in a variety of different languages. You couldn’t go far in the early 2000’s without hearing about the Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s latest magical escapades.

all of the harry potter books together

The story of Harry Potter begins with an introduction into the sad life of orphan, Harry. He is introduced as a child of misfortune who lost both of his parents in an unnamed event, and is now forced to stay with his aunt, uncle, and cousin that all treat him very poorly. He also has a strange lightning bolt-shaped scar that pulses randomly throughout his life. It doesn’t take long for the book to reveal that Harry’s parents were actually wizards, a bizarre subgroup of humans capable of performing world defying magical spells. After

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The fourth bestselling book in 2017 is “Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic” by the British Library. This is a book written by the British Library as part of the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition located in the UK. It includes original content from J.K. Rowling as well as information about the curriculum at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The fifth bestselling book in 2017 is “The Keto Reset Diet: Reboot Your Metabolism in 21 Days and Burn Fat Forever” by Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns. This is a book that outlines a diet plan that aims to help people lose weight in a healthy and nutritional way. The diet includes meals that are high in fat, low in protein, and low in carbs in order to help people reset their metabolism so their bodies adapt to burn fat instead of sugar for energy.

Best Selling Books

Books have been an integral part of human history since written language evolved. Today, literature doesn’t just involve written history, but authors publish books that are read for information, inspiration, enjoyment, and leisure. Bestselling books tend to be works of fiction where an author creates a story from their own imagination and creativity. For the year 2017, the top 5 best selling books were mostly fiction except for one nonfiction book.

The number one bestselling book in 2017 is “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Illustrated Edition” by J.K. Rowling and Jim Kay. This edition of the book is an illustrated version of the original novel called “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. This novel is the third book in the Harry Potter series which has a total of seven books. “The Prisoner of Azkaban,” tells the story of Harry Potter’s third year in school and how he learns about the existence of Sirius Black. Sirius had escaped from Azkaban and was known to the public as a dangerous criminal. Harry learns who Sirius Black is and how he is significant to Harry’s life. This book includes themes of uncovering secret identities and learning the true people behind their false fronts.

The second bestselling book in 2017 is “Origin” by Dan Brown. Dan Brown is a well-renowned author who is greatly known for his “The Da Vinci Code”. His novel, “Origin” is a story about a man named Robert Langdon, a professor at Harvard University. Langdon attends


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