Tips to be a best selling writer!

What it takes to be a best selling Author

Chances are if you are alive right now (which, if you’re reading this, you should be) and you’re older than 10 years old, you probably have heard of the Harry Potter series. Slightly fewer people may know that the series was written by J.K. Rowling, but not by too much. However, it is safe to say that most people do not know that the author of such a famous and influential series started off as a “nobody” with many fences in her way and only pennies to her name, which is how many now famous authors often get their start.


Best selling novels are not written in a day and best selling authors do not start off as millionaires. Many hit rock bottom or are in uncomfortable financial situations as they work on the piece that sky rockets their career. How, then, do such novels and authors make a name for themselves? There are a few universally agreed upon factors that can better any aspiring writer’s chances at fame.


The number one way people can gear themselves up towards writing success is by… writing! Many authors time and time again have stressed the importance of daily, consistent writing. Some people believe just a few paragraphs are fine, while others insist on pages being written everyday. Regardless of the amount, if you are trying to make it big and get a book written, you should be working on it or practicing your writing skill consistently to see improvement and progress. It should be a no-brainer, but some aspiring writers can get hung up on not having a prompt or a reason to write when the only reason needed is that no book will magically happen without writing being done!

Daily Word Count

Hitting a daily word count is not the only thing needed for a novel to be written, however. If the writer does not also have the writing mindset, then motivation will be hard to come by. Goals, whether long term or short term, should be in place and reminders of these goals should be viewed often. If writing in general or the novel being worked on are not a consistent thought in the writer’s mind, how is a book ever supposed to be written? Writing a best selling novel cannot be an afterthought or an idle fancy—it has to be backed by a strong desire to actually get it done. Many writers have quit their day jobs and faced financial ruin in order to write the stories they wanted to be heard. Though that level of sacrifice is not required to write a best selling novel, the effort and drive behind those actions is.


All in all, it is up to the writer to pave the way for their novel’s success. Willpower, dedication, and daily commitment can help improve your chances of being added to the list of greats. While these aren’t the only factors involved in the creation of a best selling novel, they are some of the most important ones. Now stop reading this and get to writing!

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