Marketing to Become A Best Seller

Marketing is Key to success!

The key to writing a best selling novel is to targeting a consumer segment that can be easily exploited. It is also important to align your writing tendencies with this target audience. Observing popular trends and cultural swells and then acting upon them is an important skill that should be developed and honed by a novelist. Best sellers are books that can garner attention while maintaining it as well, which is probably the harder piece of the puzzle. When deciding what kind of novel to write, a best selling author typically thinks about post publication strategies to not only extend the life of their intellectual property but to also capitalize through investments. Turning books into movies and merchandise are lucrative opportunities that only the best selling novels enjoy.

Marketing a novel is difficult to do because most of the value is perceived once it is read. The only other way to promote your book is through testimony, since you can’t physically demonstrate its value. Early buyers are the ones responsible for customer-to-customer marketing, and hooking on to a lot of them in the beginning of the novel’s life cycle is vital. Once a targeted consumer segment is effectively expoited, the novel’s path to the top of the best-selling list is history. Consumers within that segment will expose the material to other segments, effectively spreading the novel’s value like wildfire. This is the wondrous advantage of consumer-to-consumer marketing, and it comes at minimal cost to the