What Makes a Bestseller Series?

Although the book is usually better than the movie, the true success of a best seller is its ascension into the world of cinema. Popular chronicles of fiction are frequently adapted to the movie screen in order to reap the rewards of a larger audience; in today’s era, your average consumer will almost always prefer to pay for a movie ticket than a bunch of pages. It can be argued that a good book has the capacity to provide more value over a longer period of time; however, the idea is that the reader has the time and necessary attention span to dissect the written story. Watching a movie takes an afternoon or an evening – some books can take days, weeks, or even months. For that reason, it is almost always optimal to turn a best seller into a blockbuster, even if that means removing some of the meat that makes that story special.

The Harry Potter Series

Take the Harry Potter series, for example. The books were fantastic, and began a cultural phenomenon that still holds the hearts of many die-hard readers and critics alike. JK Rowling made it effortless to picture Harry’s adventures in your mind, making the reader feel as if they were in another world. The extent of detail, even beyond just aspects of the plot, was incredible. Most of the utility detail (the basic detail provided by the author to describe something the reader can’t actively sense) was matched by the beautiful imagery of