Pendragon | Another Great Bestseller!

As a young kid who read a lot of books in a short amount of time, I’ve seen my fair share of critically acclaimed best sellers. When I wasn’t playing video games or kicking a soccer ball around, I was usually inside losing myself to pages and pages of well-written fiction. My fondest memories revolve around the times I sat in front of a good book, living vicariously through the characters behind the paragraphs. My favorite book series from my youth, Pendragon, was a best-selling book about finding new worlds and dimensions. The best part was that the protagonist, Bobby Pendragon, was a normal kid just like me – he went to middle school, played sports, and had a crush on a girl he never got the chance to talk to. After an adventure with his uncle, he became a piece of, in my opinion, one of the greatest stories ever told. For more info, visit

A Beautifully Written book for a young boy

After going on some errands in the Bronx with his uncle, 13 year old and upstate New York native, Bobby Pendragon, is suddenly made aware that the universe as he knows it is different. After some unfortunate events leading to his separation from his uncle, Pendragon finds himself in another dimension full of strange creatures, landscapes, and people. This begins the Merchant of Death, the first of 10 novels in the Pendragon series. Each book is centered around a different “territory” within the universe the